Green Kapuas Kratom
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GoPure Green Kapuas Kratom is as organic and pure as a plant can get. Traditionally mature leaves are used as kratom for concentration and productivity. As well as regulating stress levels with its calming yet uplifting aromas.

This hard to find ancient strain grows on the banks of Kapuas river in an isolated dense rainforest. There it has been a part of the natural way of life for centuries for muscle relaxation and pain relief without drowsiness.

We DO NOT sell Kratom as a dietary supplement. Mitragyna Speciosa has NOT been evaluated for internal use. It is not meant to treat, mitigate, or cure any disease or medical condition and we make no medical claims. This product is NOT for human consumption.

Green Sumatra Kratom
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A Special growing environment makes Green Sumatra Kratom unique in qualities. This super green kratom is used locally as kratom for anxiety. It has been part of the local culture and wellbeing for decades for its relaxing and long-lasting aromas.

It is sustainably collected from MItragyna Speciosa -trees growing naturally in the forest as part of the ecosystem. Lab-tested for potency and safety. Buy kratom online from GoPure.

Green Maengda Kratom Capsules
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GoPure Kratom Capsules are perfect and one of the easiest ways to use kratom. No more messing with powder; the GoPure Kratom Capsule Bottles are fast and easy to take with you where ever you go.

Pure and fresh Gopure Kratom packaged inside the 00-sized vegan capsules, you get ~0.75 grams of a top-quality blend of Green Maengda Kratom powder per capsule.

Try the same high-quality GoPure natural kratom powder in the new and handy packaging as capsules. Choose from 50 capsule packages up to 200 capsules for awesome savings.